Entropic Roots
  • Entropic Roots


    The Collection Entropic Roots born from the observation of tree roots in the Bogotá wetlands, they sprouting, growing, branching, without an apparent order, they balance and flow with their surroundings. The jewel are fabric in recycled brass coated with 24k Gold nickel free. The butterfly and post are hand-made using pure silver 9.50, 100% reclaimed.

    • Hand made product. All our products are Eco Friendly.
    • The product is delivered inside of an Eco Friendly package.
    SKU: CLL046
    • Warranty

      • This product is guaranteed for 6 months, from the moment of purchase.
      • Includes the guarantee for manufacturing errors, such as tissue defects.
      • Does NOT include misuse of the product, as it is: wet with water, cause a lot of force, burn, cut, application of perfume or cream.
    • Devolution

      • This product or service is under the Colombian consumer protection law.
      • The buyer will have up to 72 hours for the time of purchase and financial responsibility.
      • The buyer will assume the shipping costs in case of devolution and taxes.
    • Dimensiones

      • Ancho 18 cm * largo 25 cm * 1,5 cm de alto aprox